So, I read about Rusty's in the Capital the other day—how they'd won 2nd in the competition at BarbayQ—and decided I needed to go check it out. It's not an easy place to find—at least it wasn't for me—I went around in circles on Rt3 four times before I managed to get there. The entrance is on Rt 3 South, but you can't see it from the road. Once I spotted the big brown BBQ sign (how did I miss that so many times???) it was a cinch.

Because this is not so convenient from where I live, I got a sampling of just about everything, and here's the skinny (or should I say, not so skinny): BBQ ribs—best ever in my entire 60 plus life. Now I am no expert or judge, just a foodie freak and while I've never been to Memphis, I have eaten good BBQ in states around the country e.g. Texas. These were un-be-liev-able. Just the right tenderness without being mushy or overcooked. A hint of sweetness—oh my, I don't think I have ever eaten ribs without eventually slathering on more sauce, but these babies didn't need anything else at all. Is there a grade higher than A+ ? Mac & Cheese—wonderful. Crispy top over creamy noodles. Definitely superior to others in the area. Pulled chicken—moist but without sauce—I got both the regular and spicy sauces to add and loved them both, but be warned—the spicy ain't kidding. If you don't want real heat (and I love it) stick with the regular. Anyhoo, this was another winner. Baked Beans-I've never had beans like this before—there was as much meat as beans in the dish. Yummy is an understatement. Brisket—I think this was what won the prize and I can sure see why. Tender, succulent, fabulous. Cole slaw—this was also very different from what I am used to. Seriously peppery with lots of celery seeds. Nicely chopped veggies instead of the mushy kind you usually find.So, I have found my BBQ home.

I give it my highest recommendation! And P.S. Rusty is as sweet as his regular sauce…I love giving my business to such a great guy who is so passionate about what he does.

Janet K.

Annapolis, MD

I've eaten here twice so far and have not been disappointed. This is BBQ served hot and fresh until it runs out, so get there early. The pork Spareribs are on point, cooked perfectly. No over-powering smoke or dry rub flavor, but a good balance over-all. I ordered them with the hot sauce, which while good, I thought was a bit TOO hot for my tastes. The Brisket, served chopped with a sweet sauce was also very good. My only gripe here is that I would've preferred it served sliced with a portion of the 'point' or what some places serve as "moist", with the sauce on the side. That way, I can see the smoke ring, taste the bark and savor the meat juiciness on it's own, aka: central Texas style. The sides are truly outstanding. The collards and cole slaw especially were top notch, something that many BBQ places tend to overlook. I look forward to coming back a third time to try the pulled pork and anything new on the menu. Keep up the good work!

Mike H.

Bowie, MD

Grab and go food truck. Everything is made daily, from scratch, and sold until sold out. We all had the brisket (one got the spicy brisket, and it was spicy and delicious!), coleslaw, mac and cheese, potato salad, baked beans, and texas toast bread. It was AMAZING. Even the baked beans had shredded [pork?] in them! You get a ton of food in one box, and I had some left over for lunch the next day! I will absolutely be going back. 10% discount for police, fire, and military. Very friendly.

J. J.

Washington, D.C.

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